Stenciled Plastic Tablecloths and Curled Posterboard Strips transformed into dramatic draping and chandeliers

For the past 4 years (the time my daughter has been in High School), I have been helping the students at Little Miami High School design and decorate their homecoming dances. This past winter dance theme was ”A Black and White Affair”. Every designer has fun with a black and white theme, and I immediately pictured damask prints. I also got inspired with curled paper, becoming the theme for the chandelier which hung in the center of the main room surrounded by stenciled banners made from plastic tablecloths. The centerpieces were inexpensive tissue pom-poms and a hand painted dotted black balloon.

Stenciled Foamcore Panels and Entrance Draping with Curled Paper Tie-backs

The main entrance of the dance again used plastic tablecloth drapes with curled posterboard tie-backs. We also hung balloon chandeliers in the corners. In the hallway, we covered the trophy cases, again using the plastic cloth, in stripes and hung stenciled foamcore panels that were connected with silver bookbinding rings.

The final effect was a very elegant and dramatic statement with a very inexpensive budget. The kids loved it!