This past November, I was called by my friend Barb to help out a couple of kittens whose mom was scared away by a dog and never came back. These 2 brothers were only a week or two old and needed bottle feeding and a whole lot of tender loving care. I was reluctant to take on such a responsibility but my daughter was more than willing to help.

When the kittens arrived, we were all so excited but the reality hit quickly when we had to wake up at 3am for a bottle feeding (they were every 3 hours!). I flashed back to my baby times where all I thought about was feeding and pooping. Young kittens need coaxing to poop…I didn’t like it and they didn’t either!

As they grew, of course they got cuter and cuter which is how they survive. Mole was named for his burrowing behavior and his rather rotund figure. Skeeter acted like he had a Vente Latte every day, always having a nervous energy.

When they reached about 8 weeks, we gave them to the League for Animal Welfare in Milford (a no-kill shelter). Skeeter and Mole both found loving homes!

Make the world a little cuter…Save a Kitten!