I believe that there are forces in the universe that are constantly helping us and, if we choose to listen, they will lead us to something good. This past year, I’ve been making these necklace fobs and wearing them everywhere. Each time I wore them, I received many nice compliments. It got to be so common that I started thinking something was up, that a higher force was sending me a message. One day, as I was feeding a parking meter near downtown Cincinnati, a guy laying down on a street bench raised up and said, “Nice necklace”, and proceeded to lay back down. That was the instant I decided to sell my idea, I got the message.

So now I am introducing my new e-commerce site, L I S A Lounge. It has my aluminum hand-made jewelry line that I call “LineArt”. Also included is a line I call “PillowArt” where many of my unique designs are printed on fabric and sewn into an envelope-style pillow sleeve.

All of my lines will be FUNctional art and I will soon be offering my Original Art images that can be printed as Giclee Prints or Stretched Canvas Art.

Let me know what you think and Please share it with your friends!