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WallHangingWeb3Years ago I found a vintage silkscreened fabric panel that is now hanging floor to ceiling in my family room. I love the large visual statement it makes in a small room. Then one day, as I was gazing at my cool find, it hit me, why don’t I take my designs and create the same idea! I know so many people with vaulted ceilings who don’t know how to fill the space or can’t afford to buy huge framed artwork. So, I took one of my favorite winter images and reworked it as a wall hanging. I was so excited when the prototype came in the mail. I already had a perfect place to hang it because I had a curtain rod in my hallway where one of my quilts had been hanging. I love the idea of switching out hangings as the seasons change, and it is so easy to do with the rod clips. I also went to IKEA and sourced a rod hanging system for a really great price. These could be used as shower curtains and I was thinking of doing a smaller version for dorm rooms. (They are so lightweight they would be easy to hang without destroying dorm walls). So, now I am building up a gallery of wall hangings that I am going to offer on my L I S A Lounge site in the Art Imagery section. Coming soon.

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