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HorseHeadLineartFobA funny thing happened at my doctor’s office. I was getting checked for a cold and the nurse who was taking my info commented on one of my LineArt Necklace Fobs. I explained that I made my necklace and she asked if I had other designs which I began reaching for my L I S A Lounge card. She then specified her request by asking, “Do you have a horse design?”. I stopped, cocked my head and replied, “no, but I could”. (I love how the universe works like this.) I could have just said no and moved on, but instead I chose to act on it. So, I went home that night and figured out a horse necklace design. When I brought it to my nurse friend the next morning, she was delighted and bought 2 of them. Then she informed me that she would be showing her horses at a huge event in Columbus, Ohio in a few weeks called the Equine Affair and that she would love to pass out cards promoting my horse necklace designs. She informed me that, “Horse people are crazy about their horses”. Who knows, they might be a big hit.

If you know a Horse Person yourself, send them to my site: L I S A Lounge