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BallardEggplantSauteWhen I choose what to include in my garden each year, I try to include things that I consider my gourmet items. This year I planted a japanese eggplant where the fruit is smaller and thinner than the normal variety. I love eggplant as it is growing because of the beautiful purple blooms. I finally harvested my first ones and experimented with my own concoction. The result was so tasty that I wanted to share it. Here’s what I did…

1. Saute in olive oil, Shallots and Garlic

2. Add sliced sweet onions, sliced eggplant and Sliced baby bella mushrooms

3. Pour in sherry and add fresh chopped Rosemary and Thyme and cook down till Sherry is absorbed into vegetables.

4. Put this over cooked Orzo pasta and sprinkle with Goat cheese.