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SageImageMontageThis past weekend was spent in my gardens cleaning and pruning from one of the worst winters ever. A lot of plants that I hold near and dear to my heart did not survive including a fifteen year old thyme plant, my chives (which is killing me not having them right now), three Santolina plants and a few others that I am keeping my eye on. The most disturbing casualty is my Sage plant which is more than twenty years old. I transplanted it from my old house and have used it regularly in my recipes. I was really distraught but then I discovered an unexpected surprise. I brought the metal tub, that holds my Rosemary, out of the garage (a perfect place for wintering the plant because it likes the cool air and does not get dried out) and found little seedlings growing under the plants. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were from my Sage plant! The seeds had blown from the plant into the tub and the garage protected them from the polar vortex. I have new little Sage babies that I can plant around the older mother continuing its legacy.

I then started thinking about the comparison to my design career. Like my Sage plant, my design career is over twenty years and I have been in my own seasonal patterns. Now, with the economy and the shift in our profession, I have been sending out new seeds to see what takes root and hopefully starts new growth. Funny how nature can teach us so much about life if we are willing to look close enough.