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One of my most repinned Pinterest images has been my Black and White Affair post which shows the use of inexpensive plastic tablecloths that come in rolls used as ceiling draping. Using common, everyday materials in a different way has always been a trick of mine. For 4 years, I helped the kids at my daughter’s high school decorate their main room for all of their dances. Since we had no budget and a very large space to fill, I turned to materials that I could purchase large quantities for little money.

For this dance we painted a leaded glass linear design using black latex paint and cheap foam brushes on white plastic table covers. Since the plastic is translucent, I was able to paint the first design and the kids used it as an underlay to trace the other banners. So, they all matched perfectly! The foam brushes made it easier to paint even lines. If a teenage student can do it, so can you.

The chandelier is made of clear plastic plates (you can get a huge amount of these at Costco) which were then spray painted gold around the edges and strung with fishing line. We hung them from a gold, spray painted, foam core circle that had holes punched in them. The finished chandelier was very lightweight and easy to hang from the ceiling. The kids put this together themselves and were very proud of the finished product. That was the best part of helping them, seeing their self confidence and creativity grow!