TitleLogo3elephants1QUEEN CITY COOKIES

Peggy Shannon of Queen City Cookies contacted Lisa Ballard at the end of 2011 and needed help elevating her brand to the retail market. In the initial meeting, Peggy had an amazing array of stories revolving around 3 main elephant characters that she called her “Queens”. Those stories were the beginning of her brand and from there, Lisa took off!


The first product that Queen City Cookies introduced in the retail market were a series of Cookie Greeting Cards. The beautifully intricate cookies are shrink-wrapped and then glued to the front of a folded card that has a story about one of the Queen Elephants. On the inside of the card is a place where a hand-written message can be added. The cards are packaged in a custom designed gift box with a Queen City Cookies gift tag hanging on a gross grain ribbon. The result is a very delightful presentation.

Eventually the family of products grew and with each new product, an elephant was born. Each elephant had their own unique story and that story was reflected in a character illustration that is an eclectic mix of old etchings, ephemera and vintage imagery. The elephants soon had a following, so we decided to do a series of compendium cards that showcased each elephant and contained an uplifting quote on the other side. These cards are handed out as collectibles in the store and also placed in gift packages.

The Queen City Cookies line of Pachyderm Packs again profiles an elephant character that represents each flavor of shortbread cookies. The colorful labels are digitally printed and adhered to a natural uncoated bag with a window. This reinforced the hand-made quality of the cookies.



When Queen City Cookies wanted to open a retail space, designing that space came easily to Lisa. A bright color palette of Pink and Periwinkle on the exterior of the store immediately caught the customers’ attention. The elephant characters marched in a row along the front windows. The interior space is an eclectic mixture of old and new display settings and the walls are adorned with elephant and product imagery.

The Queen City Brand is an ever evolving story. Its success is due to the partnership between Peggy Shannon’s passion and Lisa Ballard’s ability to visualize her passion. It is a fun relationship and that fun is conveyed in every product that is graced with the Queen City Cookies brand.

If you would like to experience this brand, you can go to the Queen City Cookies website at:


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